Mission Statement

Our mission is to Attract and Connect people to Jesus and his body, so that together we are Transformed for his Service.


We believe that there is one true God. He, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit make up the Trinity. God the father and our creator love us and wants us to love him back. Jesus came to Earth, lived among us, and provided us the best example of how to treat each other. The holy spirit is what fills us and guides us. God gave us the Bible. It is our guide book. In it we can find all the answers we need to serve him.

We want to make recycling fun and mainstream. Environmental friendly behavior must become a part of our lives like brushing our teeth.

The rich, the poor, the workers, the CEOs all have different challenges to master. Integrating Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is possible and mandatory for all walks of life!

Take a tour and get inspired. Find quick life-hacks, on how you can make the world a better place: one avoided piece of packaging, one reused gadget and one recycled soda can at a time!
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Core Values

Acceptance - Striving to be like Christ, we welcome everyone from all walks of life, accepting them where they are.

Compassion - Empathizing, we consider serving a privilege, not a burden. We serve and nurture those in need through loving benevolence.
Community - As Christians, we are called to community. We reap joy through loving fellowship, forgiving and bearing one another’s burdens, which builds relationships and promotes profound life changes.
Spirit-Filled Worship - We praise God and edify one another through passionate singing, prayer and communion. Our worship welcomes the Holy Spirit so that each participant has an encounter with God.
Teaching - We want to be students and teachers of the inspired Word of God in order to transform our lives and the lives of others as we grow in Christ.
Adaptability - While, remaining true to God’s word, we are not bound by tradition, but are flexible, pragmatic, and creative when it comes to the methods and forms necessary to adapt to an ever-changing culture.


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